Keith Maguire
       Singer /  Musician / Songwriter
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Press/Media Quotes:

Keith's Original Song "Asking To Know" wins Song of the Year - May 2009!

“Keith Maguire’s self-titled debut disc reveals himself to be a smooth-voiced vocalist & a surprisingly strong song-writer… Maguire is a rarity in that he’s spiritual without being preachy, melodic without being corny, & musically varied without overextending his limits as a vocalist….” 
Syl Nathan, GoodTimes Magazine 

"A home-grown talent with a world-class set of pipes and a equally sharp ear for melody, singer-songwriter Keith Maguire's self-titled debut dazzles with its earnest, shimmering acoustic pop, beautifully sad ballads and giant, radio-friendly hooks. There's no doubting Maguire's ability to construct a memorable tune, so I expect to hear plenty more from this rising young artist in the coming years." 
Brendan Manley, Music Writer, Long Island Press 

“A solid rock performer, Keith brings an exciting energy to the stage. He is a must-see for fans of Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen…” 
Harlan Friedman, Long Island Press 

"A compelling voice, heartfelt lyrics, and melodic music…these are all the aspects that make this a
great album…" 
Eric Harvey, ICON Magazine 

“A very, very strong singer...with great sounding recordings & solid structures, too.” Taxi Reviewer 

“Aggressive groove… pop melody and vocal attitude are well put together… melody, ascending chord motion in chorus is a lift…” (Referencing “If You Look”) 
Taxi Reviewer
“Tender track offers a look into another side of your performance... solid pop chorus… good guitar textures… " Turns her face to the truth,” good line” (Referencing “Not Going to Say Anymore”) 
Taxi Reviewer
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